The Chase High School

Thermal Roof Upgrade

The project specification was to upgrade the performance of the existing roof of the Victorian building.

Project: The Chase High School
 Southend Borough Council
Value: £158,019.00
Date: July 2012

Roof Insulation Upgrade Works

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Our brief was to strip the existing tiles to upgrade the thermal properties by insulating the roof and to replace the installed lightning conductor.

To achieve the insulative performance, all existing tiles were systematically removed from the pitched roofs, cross battening introduced to raise the roof to allow the insertion of the new insulation plus allowing for  an air gap to be introduced whereby the previously removed and set aside tiles were re-used to finish the roof.

As the works were carried out analytically, the reduced storage requirements of the salvaged tiles allowed for minimal handling requirements of materials used.

Whilst carrying out the main contracted works, other smaller roof replacement works were requested by our client.

The project also included for the replacement of the existing lightning protection to the six roofs.  Belfry were able to build the lightning protection conductors concealed into the roof structure, replacing the original tile mounted system.

We are pleased to advise that the project was completed within budget and in accordance with the work programme.

Due to the specialist detail of the project involving scaffold, roof works and lightning conductor works, Belfry’s involvement was the project management of the project with construction detail and decorations being undertaken by our own operatives.

Liaison with the surveyor of Southend Council relating to works details and regular meetings with the project co-ordinators at The Chase School relating to programming, health and safety plus special requirements relating to the logistics of the works.