Charles Fox Ltd

Covent Garden

The project was a refurbishment project of a high end shop in Covent Garden.

Project: 22 Tavistock Square, Covent Garden
Charles Fox Limited
Value: £33,994.00
Date: February 2012

Exclusive shop alterations and refurbishment.

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The clients store provides high end professional cosmetics to the entertainment industry and whilst still trading we were contracted to demolish and make good existing walls, remove display cabinets and to install new walls and ceilings to form a new open store layout specified by the clients architect.

Walls were removed and reformed to provide this new layout with the existing store room being relocated so that this made room for a larger shop floor.

We also provided the electrical services where we made the existing lighting redundant and installed a new lighting circuit designed around the new display cabinet layouts, with additional lighting in the new display cabinets and counters.

We carried out a full redecoration following the alteration works.

In addition to the alterations, we also carried out the following:

  • Refurbished the staff washroom area including new fittings, flooring and re-tiling.