First Group Alperton

Roof refurbishment and various upgrade works

Belfry were employed to propose a scheme to upgrade the roof of Alperton Bus Garage which had been leaking  for many years. We were successful in our proposals and subsequently asked to carry out a complete roof refurbishment in conjunction with projects to upgrade the whole garage.

Project: Alperton Bus Garage
 First Bus Group
Value: £730,205.00
Date: January 2012

Roofing and improvement works.

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The main roof consisted of a part pitched and flat boarded and asphalted deck with three 34 metre skylights built into the roof design. Since the opening of the garage in 1939, there had been no major works carried out on the roof and therefore over the seventy years the roof formed many leaks. Belfry were asked to undertake a feasibility study of upgrading the roof coverings by our client First Group. This was carried out and a presentation was made with various options of construction detail and materials, cost analysis for each option along with recommendations of specialist contractors to carry out the works. Plans were drawn up and building application was issued to Brent Council. Belfry were commissioned to undertake the works in January 2012 after building consent was given by Brent Council.

Despite inclement conditions during 2012, Belfry carried out the works to a 36 week programme.

In conjunction with the main roof replacement works, our client requested a number of other projects. These comprised of:

  • Removal and replacement of asbestos panels
  • Removal of the existing sprinkler system
  • Replacing a felt roof with single ply roofing system
  • Installation of two fall arrest systems
  • Groundworks including upgrading of drainage
  • High level gutter and downpipe installation
  • Formation of new offices
  • Electrical installation and improvement works
  • Installation of a new storage cage
  • Installation of high level access to new offices
  • Full internal decoration to all areas
  • Various on-going Health and Safety items